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The indications of the preparation Lasix®
Ocular syndrome of various genesis (cardiac, hepatic, renal after the second month of pregnancy, intoxication), pulmonary and brain edema, arterial hypertension, forced diuresis, renal insufficiency.

Hypersensitivity (including to other sulfone- and sulfonamides), acute glomerulonephritis,
renal failure with anuria, hepatic coma, disturbance of the water-salt balance and KHS (hypokalemia, hyponatremia).

pharmachologic effect
Lasix is ​​a fast acting diuretic, a sulfonamide derivative. Active active substance prevents the transport of sodium, chlorine and potassium ions in the thick segment of the ascending knee of the Henle loop. Under the influence of the drug, the outflow of urine increases,
simultaneously with which the excretion of magnesium and calcium ions is enhanced.

With heart failure, the drug quickly eliminates the increased load by expanding the veins, reduces the pressure in the pulmonary artery and the intensity of the blood filling of the left ventricle of the heart.
The drug has a pronounced hypotensive effect due to increased elimination of sodium ions, a decrease in the volume of the circulating fluid and a decrease in the tone of the smooth muscles of the vessels.

After taking the pill inward therapeutic effect of Furosemide is observed after 1 hour and remains for 5 hours.

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