Wiwatta Mongkoljit Web Developer With MEAN Stack Experience

Muang, Nakornrachasima
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Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering.

Worked as a Product Engineer in Microchip for 1 year, not relate with web development but I’ve got many productivity skills.

So, i decide to quit and go back to software development. Then i found Ruby on Rails and work with it as a web application developer for 2 years.

Along with my career, I’ve learnt many new technology, e.g. Backbone.js, Meteor, and many more.

But i found Node.js is the most interesting and could be the next generation of web development technology (or so, now, it is already be).

Then i decide to work with MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js) as a primary development stack.

I also can use another web development technology to create a new stack as your choice, such as, PostgreSQL as RDBMS, Sails.js as backend application framework.

Research for new technology and eager to learn is my specialty.

And my goals is to build somethings that world can remember me, simple but as hard as ever.


Apr 2008 / Apr 2011 Bachelor Degree, Computer Engineering at Khon Kaen University


Apr 2011 / Aug 2012 Product Engineer at Microchip Thailand

Work as Wireless Product Engineer

Sept 2012 / Jun 2014 General Purpose Web Developer at Rise+